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Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale

Medical Weight Management


Who do you believe these days regarding what to eat to maintain health and weight?  The USDA began creating nutrition guides in 1916 based on 5 food groups.  Since then, the number of food groups has increased to 12 and then in the 1950's decreased to 4.  Surely, we all remember the famous food pyramid which suggested 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta per day and that we use "fats, oils, and sweets sparingly."  This was a recipe for disaster.  Since the food pyramid was introduced, the obesity rate has greatly increased, and this is the dietary recommendation most of us know.


We have been lead astray.  With the great food pyramid, we also developed the microwave and instant meals.  We have been surrounded by quick and easy processed food choices that we could place mentally on the food pyramid because the food pyramid did not tell us that highly processed meals lacked nutritional value and increased our hunger.  Some foods and drinks are actually addictive, making us constantly crave more.

We don't believe having excess weight is a lack of control issue.  You've been misguided and sabotaged by the industries offering processed foods and manufactured drinks.  Your body craves these items and screams at you if you try to cut back or eliminate them.   And the low calorie, starvation diets, juice diets, eat only one type of food diets further disrupt your metabolism making future weight loss near impossible.

We are here to tell you what does work which is no fad, and only restrictive in regards to processed foods and sugar (including sugar substitutes).  We also offer hormone testing and hormone replacement therapy to address your body specifically and give you all the resources your body needs to run efficiently. This is not a quick, easy process but a long term solution.

To assist you on this journey, we also offer appetite suppressants and lipotrophic injections and nutritional supplements.   

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