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Cliovana enhances arousal at the cellular level, stimulating your body to do more of what it does naturally.  Say goodbye to vaginal dryness and painful sex.  Cliovana uses non-invasive soundwave technology to improve sexual satisfaction, increase orgasm intensity and frequency, and increase arousal levels and lubrication

Your body is constantly regenerating cells. Cliovana boosts this process, specifically in the genitals, which can lead to an increase in long term sexual responsiveness.  Sound wave technology has been used for decades all over the world for a variety of health issues.  And the application of these technologies for clitoral stimulation has evolved from years of experience with penis tissue (which is surprisingly similar!). 



Cliovana trials consistently result in heightened sensation, frequency and strength of orgasms. The results are often felt immediately, and intensify over a period of three months.  Best of all, these effects last for a year or more, and can be sustained with an annual revitalization session of two 10 minute treatments.


Genitals are sensitive!  That's why Cliovana is 100% non-invasive and designed to work without needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing, or surgery for zero downtime.

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