Cascade Medical Wellness and Aesthetics is proud to expand its expertise and offer services in laser tattoo removal in Folsom and Sacramento, CA. We pride our practice in working within our community to help our patients remove unwanted tattoos, in order to give them a fresh start. An unwanted tattoo can be a major distraction, disrupting your daily life in ways only those of us who have them could possibly know. But there is a solution.

The Technology

The Cutera® enlighten™ laser utilizes cutting edge technology in order to remove tattoos that are no longer desired. Past procedures were costly, painful, and not all that effective. Tattoos used to be viewed as a permanent decision, but technology has changed all of that. Move past stubborn discoloration and superfluous tattoos and head towards your bright future. The Cutera® enlighten™ is the world’s first and only dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser system that incorporates cutting edge adjustable treatment parameters for a customized care experience.

Treatment Duration

Treatment Duration will vary from case to case. How many treatments necessary to achieve tattoo removal will depend on the density of the tattoo, the color, the size and location. This will all be discussed up front with you as well construct our plan of action to achieve your aesthetic enhancement goals. You can rest at ease in knowing that the Cutera® enlighten™ is at the top of its class, providing the most powerful technology which will get the job done in fewer treatments than any other laser.

The process is far less painful than what you’ve already gone through*. Most people describe the sensation as a rubber band snap to the skin. Laser pulse technology penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to break up pigment, which is then absorbed by your own immune system. This process is extremely effective in most cases. By and large, Cascade is able to remove most types of tattoos*.
Take a stand and make the decision to change. You don’t have to stick with an unwanted tattoo anymore. The choice is yours to move forward with a fresh new take on your life. Contact us today and we’ll take the steps and measures necessary to remove your unwanted tattoos.

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