Discover what laser therapy can do for your rosacea treatment plan at Cascade Medical Wellness and Aesthetics, a practice that specializes in laser skin rejuvenation. We offer a professional service for rosacea treatment in the Folsom and greater Sacramento areas. Enlist the services and skill set of an experienced skin rejuvenation specialist.

We enjoy making people feel good about themselves. We enjoy helping people shed any insecurity that comes along with having a skin or vein disorder, or scars and abrasions that are due to accidents or genetics.

No longer do you have to accept abrasions, scars and skin disorders. Laser technology can substantially reduce or even remove blood vessel visibility (also referred to as telangiectasia). Reduce redness (erythema) and skin flushing with non-surgical, non-invasive technology. Noticeable results often occur after an average of three treatments.

Our Laser

The Cutera® excel V™ laser is an effective instrument for many reasons, one of which being its versatility. TruPulse™ technology delivers consistent and sustained energy and pulse duration. This laser is capable of treating nearly 20 different variations of vascular and benign pigmented abrasions and lesions.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. There’s also no down time*. You’ll be able to undergo your non-surgical treatment and move on with your life. If you’d like to keep it secret, nobody will know. Our staff pledges to take part in your skin rejuvenation journey, walking side by side through our comprehensive treatment with you. Call today for your rosacea consultation today.

After 4 Rosacea Treatments*

before and after excel v

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